Game-breaking UI change. What the actual ef?

  • Why, why, WHY would you (devs, that is) change the default behavior when trade pops up to be banking instead of trading? Do you have ANY idea how easy it is to accidentally turn in items to be swapped now instead of offering a trade? It literally just cost me a game and NO amount of frustration.

    There's literally no good reason to make such a change, and a million reasons why it's a bad idea. Stop making the game worse, please, it (finally, years later) was almost becoming stable and playable.

    --More upset than this post even makes it sound.

  • Fully agree. Please change back.

  • Fully agree! Change back please!!!!!!!

  • Also fully agree. Pointless change.

  • Fully agree!! Have lost cards this way too and can't see any way to change it back within the game. PLEASE change back!!

  • 100% Agree!

  • Fully agree with this as well. I didn't see people clamouring for this to be reversed, so why the change?

    If you ARE going to put a change like this in, why not introduce it as an option for those who prefer it that way?

  • Since this change appeared with support for the 5-6 player variant. My guess is that there is a connection ---

    I'm guessing, but it may be that when they introduced the Settler 2 turn for the 5-6 player variant, which allows bank trading, they had to disable the buttons on the trade screen that let you select player vs. bank trading. But, with the buttons disabled, you were defaulted to player trading, which is not allowed. Their solution was to change the default to bank trading. It seems a bit of a lazy solution, but maybe they felt that the coding change the other way was too complex/risky.

    After having played this for a few games, it is definitely less convenient than the prior default, especially for those who have been playing this game for a long time, for whom the trading flow has become very habitual.

    I add my voice to those requesting that this be changed so that the game defaults to bank trading only during the Settler 2 turn, and otherwise defaults to player trading.

    --- Dev Rossik

  • Because they are hack developers that do not test. It did appear with the 5-6 variant but that game does not do this. And... that game has its own set of bugs... the player stats do not display! Only for the left most player! Their testing is atrocious!

  • We've changed the default trade option back to player trade as intended in the latest update that rolled out yesterday.. This was not an intended change and we're sorry for this mix-up.

  • @Administrator Thanks for clearing this up!

    --- Dev Rossik

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