On 10 points but game didn't end

  • Heya, I just played a game with three of us and got 10 points (last point was a victory point from dev card) however the game kept playing and didn't recognise my win. We then played about 5 more rounds and someone else got 10 too, and again it didn't end. Someone else then got 11 points and won :-1:

  • Were you playing the Harbor Master scenario? That adds a point to what is required to win.

  • I just played a game and got 10 points and didn’t win and one opponent had 7 points but 3 development cards, obviously had victory points then he placed a city on the harbor, it said harbor mastered and he won. How does that work and why? I wasn’t playing harbor master either.

  • If the game log said a player got Harbor Master, then you are playing the Harbor Master scenario.

    Harbor Master works kind of like Largest Army. Whoever gets three harbor points first takes the card and gets two additional points added to their score. You get one harbor point for each settlement you have on a port, two harbor points for each city on a port.

    Another thing to remember is that you can only win on your turn. So, if you get the point you need to win while it is someone else's turn you will have to wait until it is your turn again before you can actually win. If one of the other people get to the reqired points during their turn before it gets back to you - they get the win.

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