Kicked from Games Bug

  • Hi, exiting or entering full screen mode on browser appears to kick me from games. This has happened three games in a row and I have a very fast, wired connection. Please help.

  • @Longest-Boat @administrators @Developers
    During the last days, I have been kicked a lot, too. :boom:
    This also happened to other players :busts_in_silhouette: :boom: in my games..
    Almost every game had too finish with one player having to be replaced by :alien: AI.
    Of course there is a certain number of quitters :runner: :dash: in the community. :dash:
    But that cannot be the only cause, because so many players were kicked while they were about to :tada: win, or in the middle of their :scream: turn. We also got kicked from custom games a lot. :pouting_cat:

  • I got kicked out many times in my previous games today and yesterday. Mostly while trying to chat to apologize. Stopped trying so couldn’t explain what was happening. Very irritating for me and apponents!

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