• It has been 5 days I can't join a single game!!!!

  • Got stuck in rejoin loop

  • #meToo
    No online help
    No announcements
    Do you want to refund my money?

  • seriously hurry up @administrators this is seriously pissing me off that I cannot play the games I want to play and paid to play. Who cares about playing 6 players at one time... back your "improvements" off and spend your time fixing custom and other matches to include searches for people we can play with for the game we want to play.

  • yep, me too, I have been unable to play this game for 5 days now. I'm not angry or demending a refund, but some acknowledgement of all of us here on forums would be nice. For each of us that has posted here, I bet there are 10 or more that won't bother. This problem is system-wide

  • @ze-phyr You da Real MVP

  • Same here. I play on the browser (Chrome). I have this problem since last week. I do what I have always done to play online games. How can it take so long to fix?

  • The team released a note in german that they may have a fix which will probably released this week which fixes the problem.

    But yeah they are doing a horrible job on the communication right there ;D

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