ETA on searching for oppenents fix?

  • Any eta on when they are going to fix the problem with searching for opponents?

  • Yes!!! Really it's been a long time! And if they were going to do an upgrade... which screws up the entire matching... instead of upgrading to be able to play more players, I never want to play 5 other players at a time, they should upgrade so that when you do a custom match you should be able to sort by the games they subscribe to and if they are online or not. @catanhelp

  • I don't know why they just don't revert to the old version until this is ready. I'm not quite sure what benefits the update has (I know the computer is still dumb as a rock) but I'm sure they're outweighed by not being able to play the game.

  • @Jupiter I understand some patches :wrench: for old bugs :bug: were also included in the update.

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