Token color issues

  • I’m having problems with my chosen token color not being displayed in game. I chose the color purple and the little check Mark is in the purple circle to confirm what you chose. I go to play a game and without fail it assigns me the color red even though in my profile it still has purple selected for me. Please help.

  • I have the excatly same issue, happens with other colours as well, I've tried pink and purple at least.

  • @S_foxx As you will find in th official announcements, CU are already working on it.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen thank god because I had not seen or heard of them doing anything and I wasn’t sure what my next level of asking for help would be.

  • @S_foxx If you want to make sure your post on this site is read by admin, you can add admin to the recipient list, like this:

    @administrators @S_foxx ( and then write the text you want to post). :point_left:

    Another option to get help (beside posting here) is to write an email :email: directly to :ambulance: support.

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