Token Color not working

  • My default color selection is purple, but for the past few days, the game will not let me use my color. Even when I select the color in the settings menu, my player profile says that my color is Red. No matter what I do, I can no longer use purple.

  • I've been having the same issue (also pick purple - though I have tried setting other colour preferences and it is not working). It has set me to red on most multiplayer games (and occasionally brown). Frustrating!

  • @administrators please fix this problem. This has not been working for over a week and many people are having this problem!

  • @The1WhoKnocks55 @4llison I assumed token color only applied to single player games? have you tried a singleplayer game to see if it still persists?

  • @CurlyFrighz it always applied to multiplayer before - I did figure out a fix - after trying many things, I tried changing my token style, and I was purple again the next time I joined a game.