Not Getting Resource Cards on rolls

  • I am not getting any resource cards when a number is rolled where I have one or more settlements or cities in any of the games I try to play. It seems like this started happening right after I got the message of the recent game updates. I have stopped playing because you can't really do anything when you don't get resource cards. Everything looks like I get the cards (after the roll, the cards from the decks goes towards my avatar like I got them, but the number of resources in my hand doesn't change.

  • Having same problem. Quit playing too.

  • Look a bit closer , right after you roll... since the new update its a bit different. The cards appear in your deck right after you roll and before the animation shows cards going to your deck. Confused me too.

  • I have the same problem

  • @Ssandfish I wish that was the problem. Trust me...that's not what's happening. I'm just not getting resource cards on rolls.

  • This post is deleted!

  • It seemed to not give cards for a few days, but is working now. However, it does change the number right with the dice roll, not when the resource slides into your pile.

  • @Ssandfish same for me. They do not appear in my hand or in my card count.

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