ELO went from almost 1200 to 1000 overnight????

  • Hello. My username is real_adawg. My ELO went from around 1200 to 1000. I dropped from diamond to gold. Please explain this!!!

  • I had the same thing happen to me. There was a weird game where all the other players left and then after the game it posted an ELO score way lower than before.

  • Mine dropped to 1000 as well

  • Same thing happened to me! Went from 1088 to 1008. What gives? Fix please!?

  • Okay guys hopefully they can get this fixed! I am sorry your ELO dropped but I am glad I'm not the only one

  • Same for me. From.1250 to 1000.

    Nice game....

  • we will look into it. Thank you

  • Hi admin! please do! I am not alone as you can see. People in games are reporting the same. Clearly something happened....

  • @Administrator My ELO Seems to go up and down pretty randomly as well , going down after a win, not going down after a loss... . this is not so important to me, if you fix other stuff first, I dont mind. But if you look into it already, maybe this can shed some light? :flashlight:

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