stucked on finding opponents for 3 days

  • ... and elo at -1897654 - and no response to emails from catanteam? what to do? ...

  • SAME HERE. I can play base game and seafarers, but it hasn't found me opponenets for Cities and Knights or Rivals for 2 days.

  • Same with me. I can only play as a single player.

  • Bij mij ook hetzelfde probleem. Dacht dat het aan mijn computer lag.
    Hoe zou het komen?

  • The whole game is broken. Every "update" is in fact a downdate. New issues every time. When do we get a stable game?

  • @ceel1 and yesterday my elo dropped 200 points. Also great!!!!!

  • Yep, same here.

  • Mine is working again, Yaay.
    I tried “the game”, it immediately found opponents, played 1 game and now I can play any game again 😍🥰😍🥰

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