Any news already? It’s been 3 days..

  • Hi @administrators & @Developers,

    I see lots of people are having the same problems as I do. No auto-march with other players in Seafarers or Cities & Knights and losing of elo-points. Is there any news already about a coming update or another way to fix these problems? Please reply, we haven’t had a comment about it since a while. Thank you for helping.

  • Mine is working again, Yaay.
    I tried “the game”, it immediately found opponents, played 1 game and now I can play any game again 😍🥰😍🥰

  • @Burrito-Barry There is an official announcement on this problem on the official annnouncement page. They are working on a solution.

  • Also having the same issue. My Seafarers account went from 1230 elo to 1000

  • Seems like my game is working again. @administrators and @Developers thank you for fixing the problems!

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