Dice Rolls, Sounds, and Resource Card Counts out of sequence

  • Even before the dice roll, the resource counts are incremented, then the resource icons materialise, then the resource icons make their way to the player's dashboards, but their resources have already been incremented. This sequence of events is BACKWARDS. Also, the robber sound happens on rolling Seven BEFORE the dice appear.

    It should be:

    • Roll the Dice
    • If a seven was rolled, play the robber sound
    • Materialise Resources
    • Fly the resources to the player's dashboards
    • Increment the dashboard resource counts

    I don't remember it being this backwards way round before: Was it the new build that broke it ??

  • The sequence is terrible now. Makes it seem like you are missing resources as when the when they resources 'fly' to your hand there is no change to the card count.

  • Another thing that is happening is that the resource counts briefly show seemingly arbitrary numbers. An example of this is: I have no grain and 1 stone. The robber is placed on a tile of mine and the takes the 1 stone. BUT while this is happening, for a second I appear to have 2 wheat, but this quickly reverts to 0. On the next turn though, dice roll gives me 2 wheat. This makes is seem like the dice rolls are being pulled form a pre-generate list rather than created at each turn. Doesn't create a 'genuine' feeling at all.

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