Constant Searching

  • My game won't find anyone and constantly searches for opponents. Any insight on if/when this could be fixed. Has been happening for the last 48 hours. I check back constantly

  • @BigPoppa-CLH Me too... but weirdly only not in cities & knights, since last night . It will find opponents for me in Seafarers. I also noticed something VERY strange about my Elo just this afternoon in Cities & Knights. I went from a silver/gold down to a bronze and the Elo number now says "-2147483648" can you see anything strange on your Elo?

  • I started having the same issue today, not able to find players with the base game. What puzzles me is that my husband's account works just fine.

  • did anyone get a solution? I have the same issue but in seafarers.

  • Still no fix for me in C&K nor with my strange -2 million ELO..... @catanhelp

  • @Stella1967 As you can find in the official announcment on the official announcement page, they are already working on it.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen I don't see anything there. link?

  • @Stella1967 Yes my ELO is WAYYYY down like that as well. I think I have timed out of one maybe two games ever. I understand it hits your ELO but not to -2154978452

  • x i had this problem after update but just today found fix so check you allowed selection of opponents mine had been changed as if i would only play with friends or guild obviously rare to find such a narrow choice.

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