5-6 player game feedback, iOS, iPad mini

  • Great to see 5 & 6 player games on Universe.

    Feedback from playing;

    • the bar at the top should show more. Pls find a way to show icons such as roads, cards and points constantly. Being able to move it to the side would be good on my screen. Either way it could be much smarter with the sizing and positioning
    • a turn starts usually with a roll but then sometimes it auto rolls, so i unintentionally ended my turn several times. That’s very annoying.
    • I thought with 5-6 on a base game you could trade anytime

  • Also

    • turns should go left to right across the top, they’re mixed up now
    • get rid of that random no-roll turn, it nearly lost me a game

  • Fully agree on all aspects.

  • I agree on the UI to be able to see more player info without having to click. I'm on Android, not iOS, but same.

    As for turn that auto rolls, are you sure that's not your "Settler 2" turn? This is your option to maritime trade or purchase items when it is not your turn. So there is not supposed to be a roll. In the original physical game, the rules allowed for anyone to buy after each turn. For the online, they modified it slightly to speed up play. I still have some issues with the modifications, but I think your "auto roll" is really your "Settler 2" phase. I do agree, they could do something to prevent you from ending immediately b/c my habit is to also always hit "roll" right away, and that is the same position as "end turn".


  • Yet no response. They are so ridiculously unprofessional. They like to pretend the bugs don’t exist by not responding. A professional would say “yes, you are right, we see that, we are looking into it.” But these bug riddled hacks,no response!

  • @BlueMars24

    Ah it is the settler 2 but why can I only maritime trade?

  • administrators

    We use the new 5/6 player rules that are also available on the official Catan website as linked by @BlueMars24

    I'll copy them here and mark the changes that seem to cause some confusion:

    A major change to the rules compared to the base game is that there are always two players (Settler 1 and Settler 2) involved in a turn. Settler 2 is the third player to the left of the player, whose current turn it is (Settler 1).

    The turn now proceeds as follows:

    1. Resource Production Phase
      Settler 1 rolls the dice and determines which terrain hexes produce resources for all players (as usual).

    2. Trade and Build Phase
      Settler 1 performs all of their trading and building actions exactly as usual (no changes to the rules). Settler 1 then announces the end of their trade and build phase.

    Settler 2 gets to take a special turn. Settler 2 also trades and builds as much as they wish, with the following exception: Settler 2 MAY NOT trade with other players (domestic trade). However, Settler 2 is allowed to trade with the supply (maritime trade). Settler 2 then announces the end of their trade and build phase.

    Both Settler 1 and Settler 2 may play development cards on their phases (or progress cards when using the Cities & Knights expansion), but only Settler 1 may play a knight card before the Resource Production Phase.

    This officially replaces the previous "Special Building Phase" of the expansions for 5-6 players in the CATAN series. If you own an analog extension for 5-6 players of CATAN you can also use this new rule with your existing game.

    So the order of player and the actions Settler 2 can make are indeed different from the old rules but correct regarding these new rules.

    As for the UI: Thanks for the feedback, I will pass this on to the team.

  • During a 6 player game, I've noticed that a large percentage of players do not take any action during their Settler 2 phase of play. This really slows down the pace of the game significantly.

    Please reduce the Settler 2 initial "end turn" time out for all players from one minute to 15 seconds. All subsequent time outs for that same player during their Settler 2 phase after this could be the normal amount since the player would be actively playing at that point.

    Because a short 15 second timer would cause more time outs, not having it count towards the 3 strikes for removal from the game might be prudent.

  • You know, if they just made it so it moved to the next player if settler two can’t possibly play (no development card, can’t trade or build or buy).

  • @BlueMars24 yes, a new rule. Their rule. The physical board game allows the next player to build, then the next in sequence around the table for the building phase. Their adaptation causes many more lost resources and makes the game much less appealing. For us, that is the main reason we play the expansion. I threw away 24 resources one game playing the 5-6 player game.

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