Points loss

  • From Diamond to silver overnight. I seem to have suddenly lost over 100 points, anybody any idea why?

  • Yes I have the same problem, I lost around 100 points too??

  • Yes, same thing happened to me. From 1150 to 1000. Why? Does anyone know?

  • Hello,

    Same thing happened to me, TWICE. Once right after the update, my prestige rank fell from platinium to silver. I contacted support but not response, even tho I was surprised to see that, the update had interrupted the game I was in and I thought maybe it's about that.

    I managed to raise my prestige rank up to platinium again in 2-3 days but yesterday when I finished a game in second place, and got +5 ELO points, I saw that my prestige rank fell to directly to silver from platinium again! I am sure I had something like 1050 ELO points before the game, and after the game it was 1005.

    Contacted the support 3 times already on this matter, via support@catanuniverse.com but no response.

    I think there is something wrong with the new update, for some reason there is a point where ELO points fall back to 1000.

    We would appreciate a feedback on this.

  • Just had this happen to me. My elo for seafarers and base game went from 1100 to negative 20 billion. Had the 'searching for opponents' bug. Now my elo for both reset to 1000 but at least i can search for opponents again. I think the two issues are related. @Developers @administrators

  • Our team is making progress in resolving that issue. Please bear with us

  • Same here i dropped 200 points in a night!

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