Can't find opponents

  • It gets stuck on one, but never can find the others to start a game. It just started doing this yesterday.

  • I have the same problem

  • Still searching again today with no luck

  • Apparently, they don't want people to play the game anymore. It has been broken for days and they don't seem to be doing anything about it.

  • They did post something but it's taking way too long, way too long time.

  • Same problem here since the update 2 days ago

  • The same here...

  • Haven't been able to play this for 2 days now. Keeps saying searching for players. Does anyone ever answer these posts or tell you when it's going to be fixed?

  • @dancinlori Can't find opponents either. I saw admins reply on other, older posts.

  • I also cannot find opponents in cities & knights, since last night. It will find opponents for me in Seafarers. I also noticed something VERY strange about my Elo just this afternoon in Cities & Knights. I went from a silver/gold down to a bronze and the Elo number now says "-2147483648" can you see anything strange on your Elo?

  • typically play Cities and Knights, but get stuck on "searching for opponents" Just played a game of Seafarers and search for 3 worked fine. Trying 3 or 4 players and nothing working.

  • I am also having this problem for the last few days. If the people at Catan Universe can do something to fix this for us, please do. It happens on both the web browser and steam versions. I have never been able to find opponents on the Android app on my Kindle Fire.

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