Not getting the commodities after the roll

  • I just played a game and noticed i was not receiving the commodity i was suppose to get it did not register ex. i had 2 brick already and when it rolled again should have gotten 2 more it only showed me the original 2 instead of 4 that i should have just started with this patch. Any one else find this or found an answer yet.

  • Yes I am having exactly the same problem so I keep giving up as it's annoying

  • Second day in a row it’s been doing this..hello any mods read these posts

  • I think what is happening is that the 2 bricks get added to your 'hand' the instant the dice is rolled, or even fractionally before hand. So they are there before you even realise it. Then when your eyes follow the animation bringing the two bricks down to your hand, you expect to see another two get added. Even though your not actually missing out on resources it brings confusion and a negative feel to almost every turn.

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