Multiplayer not working

  • Ever since the update yesterday, I haven't been able to play the Auto Multiplayer game. When I try and find a game it gets stuck on "seacrhing for opponents". Anyone else having this problem?

  • mine isn't working since the upgrade either it just keeps searching - please can someone investigate this i would really like to play online again

  • Mine isn't working either. Stuck on "searching for opponents" shortly after the upgrade.

  • Mine isnt work. Do you have an answer from the game?

  • Same problem here, only when I use Cities & Knights auto-match though. @administrators what seems to be the problem? Also my elo-ranking dropped from one day to the other. I’ve send an email about both problems but haven’t got any reaction so far. Please help!

  • same here, the "searching for opponents" issue

  • bump same here

  • Mine isnt working either. Can we get a response at least that they are looking into it please. @Developers @administrators

  • @maddog1049 welcome to the club :(

  • My matchmaking is working now. But my elo reset back to 1000. If you dont care about your elo, i logged into the android app and tried auto match again. This time it paired. my elo which was originally at 1100 went to negative 20 billion during the 'searching for opponents' bug and now that it works, went back to 1000. Its nice that i can auto match again but really sucks my elo reset. I really think the two issues are related.

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