Lost ranking

  • Hi, suddenly yesterday I found out that my ELO points in C&N are restarted to 1000, is this some kind of a bug or there is other reason?

  • Same here,

    After update this week. Elo dropped back to 1000 en even below bc of gamecrash. After a few games managed to pick it up again to diamant but with a crashed game same drop to 1000. So elo was an nice thing but like this its of no use anymore.

    There will be soon a lot of strong players with very low elo. If you play them there are two poor options

    1. You lose. You have an extra drop in elo points bc you are losing from a "low ranked" player.
    2. You win. Than your victory is not appreciated with the extra Elo points like it should. Bc Elo wise you just wun from a weak player

    Fix it pls as soon as possible and put everyone back on his Elo just before update.

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