Unable to find opponente in base auto match. Base game elo also at negative 20billion.

  • Hi I have a bug where I cant find opponents in base auto match games. Seafarers works just fine for me. I also noticed that my base game elo is -20 billion but my seafarers is displayed as normal. Not sure if the bugs are related but it would be nice if I could find matches. I've been playing for two weeks with no issue and just encountered this problem since I've updated to 2.2. I play on steam and android and I have no criteria selected for the automatch (ie friends, guild, etc)

    Hope someone can help me out, i have been enjoying the game so far.

  • I've had this same problem for the past 24 hours with my base game.

  • Just an update, now both my seafarers and base game catan have this bug. And both have negative 20 billion elo. Hope someone can reply and help me out here.

  • We are investigating this issue and we should shoon be able to correct that Elo issue. please bear with us.

  • My matchmaking is working now. But my elo reset back to 1000. If you dont care about your elo, i logged into the android app and tried auto match again. This time it paired. my elo which was originally at 1100 went to negative 20 billion during the 'searching for opponents' bug and now that it works, went back to 1000. Its nice that i can auto match again but really sucks my elo reset. I really think the two issues are related.

    @Developers @administrators

  • @Administrator thanks for the response. If you need any more info or other details let me know. Hope yall can fix this soon.

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