ELO dropped in C&K to 1000?!?!

  • I was over 1100 ELO in Cities and Knights and it just dropped to 1008. Can you please fix this? Thanks.

  • administrators

    @Familychampion We are currently investigating these sort of cases

  • Any luck in your investigation? It has been a couple days and I'm still at 1008. Thanks.

  • I think we are probably hooped unless they can roll back the servers. Im in the same boat. If the info has been lost, I doubt they are going to take the time to investigate and set our elo's individually.

  • Shuckle, are you playing in the meantime. I've been avoiding playing any matches to "possibly" make it easier for them to roll it back. But I'm interested in what you are doing. Thanks

  • I have been playing. Its been 3 days and there hasnt been a peep about restoring these points. Id rather just enjoy the game. Elo is meant to be a measure of skill rather than volume of games played and if you are good, you should rise back to the top sooner rather than later.

    Plus I didnt notice the reset until after I played a game and my elo would have been immediately skewed anyways. From what I see, the reset tends to happen after playing a game. But u still get the point +/- for the game u played. For example, I gained 11 points the game it reset. My new point total was down to 1011 from 1180. I assume it reset my elo to 1000 and then addex the 11 points for the game, automatically throwing my elo off from when it was reset.

  • Also if its recommended to not play, this is something admins and devs need to be clearly communicating to us.

  • @Shucklefuck I hear ya. That is what happened to me. I went to 1108 after a win. As a competitive person I don't like having my ELO so low, but you're right that I'd still rather play than not play.

  • Our team is making progress in resolving this issue. Please bear with us.

  • I was a grandmaster rank with 1250+ elo and now I'm in gold with 1000 elo!!!

  • It has now happened to me three times. It seems to happen whenever I'm playing a game and all the others players leave or disconnect before the game officially ends. It declares me the winner and then my rating is reset to 1000 :(.

  • Yes, mine too, please fix this ASAP

  • This happened to me too in Seafarers! Username dfizzlesauce

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