Elo randomly dropped to 0

  • Hi. I’ve been trying to play the 5&6 player version that came out today. It crashed 2 times and reduced my Elo by about 30 points, so I logged out, refreshed the app, and logged in again. Now, it says my Elo is down to zero. I think it’s a glitch related to the new patch. Is there a way to fix this?

  • I had the exact same issue! I used to be platinum level but all of a sudden I'm now back at Silver!

  • administrators

    @ay_laluna @Glideiscope we are currently investigating this kind of cases

  • Update: now my Elo has disappeared altogether! No color at all, no number, nothing. “Prestige rank” is totally empty.

  • Same here. Went from 1129 to 1008 by winning a game. Also had several games where it just kicked me even though I was still connected.

    This release isn't even alpha quality, never mind GA....

  • @administrators any updates on this? Now I’m afraid to play because I’ve heard some people’s Elo is dropping below zero

  • I also just won a game but had my elo drop by 100 points. Lovely. Please restore if possible @administrators , that was 30 games gone in and instant.

  • Our team is making progress in resolving this issue. please bear with us.

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