Minor Token Color Issue v2.2.0

  • UPDATE: This issue was fixed in version 2.2.1. Thank you!

    This does not affect game play, but the token colors are not working correctly in version 2.2.0.

    If you have selected Blue, Red, Gray, Green or Orange tokens, everything is fine.

    If you have selected the "old" Purple tokens, you get Brown tokens.

    If you try to select the "new" Purple or Pink tokens (the ones with the messed-up names), your selection is not saved with your profile, and in the game you get the default Red tokens. Also, I think one of those Purple tokens was actually meant to be Brown.

    This isn't a big deal, but it needs to go on the fix list.


    --- Dev Rossik

  • I’m 100% having same issue. I always play with purple pieces and it’s trying to make me play with either blue or red and it’s throwing me off hardcore. Please fix 🙏🏻

  • I have the same problem. I used to play with purple , and now it is very difficult for me to tell the brownish apart from the red ones

  • I have e-mailed support about this twice in the past week however I haven’t received a single reply, not even a confirmation of receiving my e-mails. I also let them know that the game often freezes when you can place a knight but try to upgrade an existing instead.

  • I'm having the exact same issue!!

  • @Dev-Rossik I am having the same problem but I think it IS a big deal.

  • @Firesprite Support replied today asking the template trouble shooting questions and letting me know that there have been a lot more players recently so their response time isn’t as fast as they would like.
    I have answered the trouble shooting questions and will update if I get a response. I forwarded them the link to this thread.

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