My ELO in C&K drop from 13xx to 1000 !!!

  • Please help, thank you

  • I have the same issue, I checked my ELO before entering a game and it was 1206. I played the game, won and my ELO went up to... 1013. It seems like my ELO was reset to 1000 before the game somehow.

  • administrators

    @Purereen09 @RollSpiders we are currently investigating this kind of cases

  • @Administrator my ELO has dropped from platinum to gold after the update! Not happy!!

  • Mine has done this as well. I was at about 1170 and after I played a game after the update I had dropped to 1000. Almost like a complete reset. I love the game but I have reservations about supporting it with my money if my elo ranking can just get randomly reset.

  • My elo drops from 13.. to 1000 in cities and knights please fix it. My name is kostasntoum.

  • Hey! Mine is also trashed- I don't understand why. Also, I'm no longer able to start games- I just get stuck in 'searching for opponents'. Is that because of my ELO ?

  • Pandemic, I noticed the same issue at the time my elo go reset as well. The joining issue just took care of itself after an hour, though. Widening my search criteria didnt seem to help the issue

  • We are making progress in resolving this issue. Please bear with us.

  • Bump. Its been about a week. Could the community get some clarification on what happened at least?

  • @Shucklefuck There are anouncements on the official anouncement page.

  • Same issue 1308 to 1006ish . Please resolve.

  • Same thing happened to me in Seafarers. Went from 1230 elo to 1000. Thanks team for your hard work!

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