Game stopped working, kicked me out and my ELO was reset

  • After a game today, playing with the new update on PC, I realised all my previous ELO has disappeared. I had something like 1150 but after a win (where I got +16,27) I noticed that I had been reset to 1000 and now had a total of 1016. Screenshot from the end:

    The game before this one crashed completely for me and I think my ELO was probably reset after this game.

    A description of the game that completely stopped working. Picture from that game: (sorry for the bad quality)
    *I missed my turn placing the first settlement the first village was placed automatically.
    *While others where placing I briefly had an other program showing and the game window minimized using Alt + Tab.
    *When it was my turn again I could not see all the settlements my opponents had placed, but I could not choose all spots that looked empty. Everything was working as if there was a settlement in the 5-6-9 but I could not see it (look at the screenshot).

    • I placed at the 3-4-8 spot but no option to place the road showed up. I could just watch as the timer ticked on, having no option to do anything.
    • An new settlement was automatically placed and I could see both the settlements but with no roads.
    • I now tried to rejoin the game from my mobile to see if this would solve the problems but when opening the mobile app I got a message just saying something like "You where kicked out from your last game". Opening the mobile-app while in a game on the PC usually works well as I only get logged out from the PC and continue the game in the mobile.

    So I hope this description will help you find the bugs, I won’t get kicked out of games again, that my ELO will come back. Thanks in advance!

  • administrators

    @JohRid Thank you very much for the detailed feedback, we are currently investigating the issue.

  • I too recently had my ELO reset. Are there any circumstances under which that is the intended consequence

  • @administrators I had the same issue too! My Elo was around 1230 and reset me to 1000 after a couple attempted matches in which I was booted

  • @Administrator Thank you guys for trying to fix it. Any idea when this could be?

  • @Burrito-Barry they are useless at responding

  • @Administrator this happened to me too, any update on the issue?

  • My ELO was also reset to 1000.

  • @Hotdawg1881 yeah I haven’t got a reaction jet indeed ☹️

  • @administrators , i had the same issue.. from 13xx to around 1000.. hope you can help. Kind regards.

  • @Administrator any luck?

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