• Suggestions:

    1. Stop showing trade-offers when you don't actually have the relevant resources.
    2. Allow players to see the full board while trading.
    3. Allow for counter-trade.
    4. Allow players to zoom just a little bit more out (especially in seafarers, so we can fit the whole board in one screen).
    5. Longest road and largest army cards lacks text.
    6. Building cost card (and some of the login-text) is in German. English please ;-)
    7. Remove, speed up, or change the card animations; they are time consuming.
    8. Show the resource cards separately (keep the numbers for 4+ cards), so it becomes easier to see how many cards you have.
    9. What is that weird red symbol which appears when one rolls a seven? Change to a picture or symbol of the robber?
    10. There are bugs (black blinking dots) along the shores which need to go.
    11. Sound is currently gone. Bring back?
    12. It would look a lot better (and save time) if the villages, cities, and development cards were integrated into the main screen - it is time consuming and strange to go back and forth.
    13. Remove the white circles that indicate where you can build stuff. They are horrible. I would suggest a more subtle indication, as with the old android/apple-game.
    14. Allow for changing of tiles, so people can customize their boards.
    15. Are the colors a bit weak?

    I am sorry to say that the old game still is a lot more attractive. Hopefully some of the user feedback will change this ;-) Best of luck!

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