Cities produce only one resource

  • In cities and knights, my cities will only produce one resource under certain circumstances. While I do not have a definite relationship, I believe this occurs when there are other settlements or cities on the same hex. I can't find this in the forum nor in the FAQ. Is this a known bug?

  • In Cities and Knights, cities will only produce one resource for wood, wool, and ore. Instead of a second resource you will receive a commodity associated with the resource - paper for wood, cloth for wool, and coin for ore. For cites on brick or grain you will still receive two of them.

  • I've been playing Cities and Knights for a while, and somehow missed that. It is right there on page 5 of the rules. Doh! Many thanks. I feel just a tad foolish.

  • Playing in the app things move so fast it is hard to figure out what is happening. I couldn't understand the game until we got the RL board game and could slow things down. Playing RL is harder to make sure everyone is getting their cards though. Tge app is nice that wsy.

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