Server Maintenance and NEW 5/6 Player scenario rules

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    Hi Catanians,

    tomorrow on March 9th servers will go into maintenance mode at 11 am [CET]. During maintenance, you won’t be able to play.
    We will sue the maintenance to roll out update 2.2.0 which will include the 5/6 player scenarios for the “Basegame”, “Seafarers” and “Cities&Knights” expansion.
    The Changelog for update 2.2.0 will follow on March 9th.

    Below you will find the new rules for 5/6 player scenarios that have been developed by Klaus Teuber:

    We are happy to announce a major rules-change for 5-6 player CATAN games! We are officially replacing the “Extraordinary Build Phase.” Now, two players will “share” a turn (identified as Settler 1 and Settler 2). Settler 1 is the player that rolls the production dice for the turn. Settler 2 is the third player to the left of Settler 1.

    1. Resource Production Phase

    Settler 1 rolls the dice to determine which terrain hexes produce resources for all players (as usual).

    1. Trade and Build Phase

    Settler 1 performs all of their trading and building actions exactly as usual (no changes to the rules). Settler 1 then ends their trade and build phase.

    Settler 2 now gets to take a special turn. Settler 2 may also trade and build as much as they wish, with the following exception: Settler 2 MAY NOT trade with other players (domestic trade). However, Settler 2 is allowed to trade with the supply (maritime trade). Settler 2 then ends their trade and build phase.

    Both Settler 1 and Settler 2 may play development or progress cards on their turns, but only Settler 1 is allowed to play a knight card before rolling the dice.

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