Mr. Sunshine and silver12 play as a team

  • I just played a game of SuR against Mr. Sunshine and silver12. The two of them played together against me from the beginning. silver12 (ELO 1380) passed three paper against a sheep to Mr. Sunshine right at the beginning. And so it went on until the end of the game. I was the only one who got the robber, cards were robbed only from me and also played exclusively against me. Especially Mr. Sunshine (Elo1561), who is ranked eleventh in the SuR leaderboard, has probably been doing this for a long time. I wonder why nobody does something against this team player plague??? It's a real shame that now that the game is starting to be fun, because the worst bucks have finally been eliminated, this despicable game tactic is spreading more and more. It would be so easy to stop this: Two avatars are allowed to be in the same game at most once a week. After that they are mutually banned for a week. Furthermore, it would be nice to know what happens to the countless reports I have already sent because of this. There should be a public pillory. Whoever practices teamplay gets 500 Elo points deducted the first time + is in the pillory for a month and is not allowed to play during this time. Who is convicted for the second time gets the avatar irretrievably deleted. There could be a nice virtual decapitation of the avatar perform which is then also public. This game really suffers a lot from the team play and it happens purely nothing!

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