Even winning score

  • Dear Devs,

    I usually play with my wife your game.
    Yesterday we played C&K expansion. I had 15 VP and my wife also had 15 VP. Not in my turn the barbarian hit the island and I was the defender and got one VP so I had than 16 VP but I did not win the game. My wife who had 15 VP was before me in players order and in her turn she built a city and got 1 more VP and such the game ended immediately. The problem is that on my computer the game declared that I won the game and on her computer the game declared that she won the game.
    On the end game screen it was shown we both got 16 VP.
    Could you fix this issue in a future release or is it an intentional mechanic of the game?

  • It should have said your wife won because you can only win on your own turn. So, even though you had the required number of points, because your wife got there before your turn came it should have counted her as the winner.

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