Cannot report player [EDIT by @administrator] in game (bug)

  • Tried to report player [EDIT by @administrator] for insults and unsportsman like behaviour but the report won't submit when OK button is clicked. Nothing happens when the OK button is clicked.

    Toxic player. Insulted me, called me moron, told me to quit and to hurry up when i was taking up to 20 seconds per turn or longer bc of connection issues.

  • administrators

    @Hellshadow We double-checked our database and we received your report. Thank you very much for that. We will look into the issue you described regarding the pop-up not disappearing as well.

  • Hello. I'm stuck in a game. I can't leave even if I uninstalled the application. Can you help me, please!
    Mein id is Mihai Juganu. Email

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