Invisible Buildings

  • Our guild of three players (each with a different system: Windows 10 PC, IPad mini, Android smartphone) is encountering the same problem/glitch when we "purchase" any type of Building as the timer is running out. Our resources are taken, yet the building does not appear on the gameboard of the purchaser; it does however appear on the boards of the opposing players and in play, it is the same as if the Building was visible. The purchaser of the Building cannot track what was laid and where it was laid on his/her own board. This results in a loss of time or even timing out in trying to figure out what can be laid on a given location. Any suggestions or fixes?

  • Usually with graphics bugs like this typing /reload into the chat window will refresh the graphics so you can see your lost ship/road/settlement/etc.

    If you are using the turn timer, you should probably wait until you pass the dice to use it though so your turn timer doesn't run out. It's also nice to do it that way if you aren't using the timer so the other players don't have to wait on your board to refresh.

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