Player does not have the selected extension

  • Hi there, i am trying to start a custom multiplayer game with one of my friends. We both have bought the base game. But when I invite her i get the error message: "Player does not have the selected extension". Can someone help me please? Many thanks!

  • Are you sure you both own the base game? If so, you should be able to play First Island, Ore for Wool, and Harbor Master. These are the only scenarios included in the base game.

    If you are trying to play a different scenario, like Through the Desert, that is part of the Seafarers expansion.

  • Hi LemuelB2, yes, all three of us have bought the base game and we we're trying to play First Island. Tried again just now and still doesn't work.

  • You will have to contact or tag @administrators here or the moderator on the Discord server for help. Make sure you have the account names and purchase dates, etc. available for them to be able to help.

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