5/6 Scenarios Preview

  • Hi Catanians,
    We are excited to give you all a sneak preview into the our upcoming update 2.2.0.

    This update will include among several improvements a highly requested feature we are very excited to show you today.


    The 5/6 player scenarios will be added to the Basegame, Seafarers and Cities and Knights expansion without any additional charges. The cost for the expansions will stay the same, we just added the 5/6 scenarios.

    This also means, if you already own the "Basegame", "Seafarers" or "Cities and Knights" you will get the associated 5/6 scenarios for free!

    The 5/6 scenarios will be played with revised rules created by Klaus Teuber himself.

    For all the 5/6 veterans out there: We will post the new rules in advance here as well ;)

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