how to play multiplayer ?

  • hi guys me and my friends just downloaded Catan Universe, in each mobile, please assist on how we can play multiplayer,

    • is it necessary to make separate purchases on each account?
    • how much is the purchase, and steps on how to make it

    please assist

  • If you want to play random maps and all the scenarios everyone will need to get the game(s) you intend to play. First you will need to buy gold in the store. Most of the games and expansions cost about $5 US (plus tax and fees) each. If you are planning on playing multiple expansions I would recommend getting a gold bundle and expansion bundle to save a few dollars. Once you have enough gold for the games you will be playing, go into the store and purchase the game, expansions, or bundles you want.

  • Hi so each one have to buy the game to play ? or can it be only one buy it and invite to play ? How many multiplayer can it be ?

  • If any player does not own the game, the game will be limited to three people total, only the first island scenario, and always the same exact map - resources always in the same place and with the same number values.

    If everyone owns the game, the maximum players is four (six with the next update), other scenarios are available, and the map can be randomized - resources and numbers will be in different places.

    To invite players to a game they need to be on your friends list. Click on your avatar, select "Friends" and then "Add a Friend". In the search window enter your friend's username exactly as they spell it. Once you find them you can send them a "friend request". After they accept you will be able to start a custom match and invite them to play with you.

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