• Game defies the laws of probability. I saw 2's come up 20% of the time (probability should be 8%) when AI players win from it, and the higher probability 6 come up 5% when I would win (probability should be 42%), half of which was when a robber blocked me from winning. Stacking the dice against us is consistent. Have too many cards? A 7 is 3 times as likely to come up. AI players have too many cards? 7s don't come up. Either the programmers hate us or lack ability. Maybe its a good thing the site screw ups prevent me from using my paid account. Time to call my credit cared company .... the online version is destroying my love of the game.

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    @Gita399 There seems to be a deep misunderstanding on how probability works. Only if you throw two dice very often (to be exact indefinitely often) you´ll reach the perfect bell-curved distribution. In one game a lot of things can happen.

    Not only can numbers occur frequently they can also never occur. Check out this article explaining well how often that actually will happen simple based on mathematics/probability.

  • I agree. I have played the multiplayer many times and recorded the dice statistics and its true!

  • Every time I play I always notice that the dice rolls are always so bias towards the AI, no matter which numbers I selected. It’s so rigged and unfair. WHY? Please let me know what can be done about this, it seems a lot of people have already complained about it.

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