Probably the only person who does not hate this version

  • I have been playing the Settlers board game for about a year now, but I had never played online version until now. Since Catan Universe is the first version that I ever played, this is the only version I know. I have been having so much fun playing this game, I was genuinely surprised to see that so many people were having problems and had such distain for this version when I was reading the forums. I hope that the game gets to a point where everyone is satisfied.

  • @TMD123 Hi TMD .. okay you are excused. :) Try every other Catan implementation on any device. It is always better :) (Okay some stuff is not available here and there)

  • @Parachute

    No.. @TMD123 has right.... Well for 75%

    Whe can all put an other 2000 posts on this forum. And spit on the game as mutch as we want. It don't make the game any better.

    On the other hand, whe can just accept the way it is, and help them out of this crisis. What also is our crisis.

    Whe have both the same goal. We catanners and the developpers want a good and fast working game.

    Maby if we all be a bit nicer to the @administrators and @Moderators. Maby they will talk more to us, and more completer about the game. Think it the professional way.

    Image if you where an @Administrator of this forum, and you have to anwser all these spitting posts on this forum. What will you do about it?

    Sander W

    Lets make things better...........


  • I kind of disagree with that :D
    The developers want to have one UI for both PC and tablets. It's the easiest way to bring all players together. This means that they are knowingly making the PC version suck compared to PlayCatan. I still haven't gotten an answer on this issue. Are they making the PC version have a different more informative UI or not?

    I can only assume that this is not the case and they don't really care either, because we have no other choice after PlayCatan was taken down. And the admin seems to ignore all posts that have PlayCatan in it so that kind of shows something for me.

  • @Stroom
    Your last words... Thats just what i meen.

    Please look it their way.
    You are a administrator and work from 9 till 5 by USM. @home you have a wife and 2 kids, and a dog and stuff.... And every day you go to your work, building on a softwareplatform the whole comunity already has spitten out..... Nice job!! Dont you think?
    I know, and they also know there where many mistakes before and at the time of the swap from playcatan to universe.
    And i don't tink that they where happy with the situation at that time. either to us. I dont tink they don't care about is. Besides whe (comunity) are the only one for them that will make the game still any benefits.

    But accept it the way it is right now.

    Now also accept the story they tell on a other topic that there were contracts of the hardware of playcatan. And the contracts simply running out.
    I can just beleve it was all rental hardware on a dedicated way. Maby in a different country. If you want a backward progress on servers maby even not exist anymore, is a long tern story and maby a expensive story. (Money they need to develop universe.)

    I beleve eveybody here on this forum has to get back with 2 feets on the ground and tink it the positive way. And help them out! Thats all!

    Or whe can all spit them out for an other 2 weeks with 2K posts... Is that any helping get catan back?.. And what is next?

    TY Greets SanderW

    Lets make things better...........


  • We are not only mad about the developers but also the people who sold the Catan licence to USM in the first place and killing PlayCatan. Also the way that they give us the early access and expect us to be bug finders for them is a dick move and based on that they deserve what you call "spitting out". The transition should never be so huge for regular users. This is really basic business knowledge.

    We have wanted answers for some questions and we are not getting them.

    1. Will PC UI be different from tablet and be easier to use?

    2. Why can't we just bring PlayCatan back? Just set up new servers with the old software. It would have been really stupid if you actually deleted the old server software etc. I doubt this has happened. Or what are the actual problems? Licensing? Money? Or if the people here are not allowed to talk on it, tell us who do we ask these questions from.

    I don't really think this platform will bring back online Catan the way it was. At least answer question 1, please.

    I know that the development will take at leas 6 months to get things working the way I'd envision it. So instead of working your asses off, give us the answers to the questions so we can either leave now or "spit" until you finish development.

  • @TMD123 I agree. There were definitely some things that they could improve though. Some things I thought of just while playing like " would be nice if could see the board while trading..." or "...I wish that had some type of instructions since I've never played this one before..." I read through practically all of the PlayCatan fans' posts and could understand their frustrations, but honestly there was no need to be rude or impolite... I wondered if you had any suggestions as a newcomer as well?

    Here are some comments I had:

  • @TMD123 ... do you happen to work for USM by any chance? Be honest...

  • @TMD123 I see a wave of positive comments on the game today. And they all just signed up. We didn't see any before. Nice try, USM developers, nice try indeed.

  • @TheSanderW Is this enough constructive feedback

    I think you'll find this all across the forum and even members who have been upset giving feedback on how to improve the game like Stroom has done here in some form as well.
    What has frustrated everyone is even when you are being constructive the feedback is limited and no timelines and the game started with so many problems that it's not ok.
    We have tried everything but the response is not great, and the game is not great. So in all fairness the problem is that everyone cannot believe that it could have been this bad when they first announced the move to Catan Universe.

    @TMD123 I'm glad you found this great, I had no idea that playing the same board again and again was hold your interest for more than a day. It really is sad that you missed out on PlayCatan which would have blown you mind if you find Catan Universe great.

  • @hellrise The sad part is that if they'd just hire ONE of these happy people to actually address some of our questions, they wouldn't need fake happy people to tell us to stop being such big meanies.

  • @HeyToots The problem to me is a totally flawed design and User Interface flow, and I don't think you can solve it just by patches. Needs an overhaul of this Mobile/PC unison strategy.

  • @HeyToots @belz @hellrise @Stroom

    Well i am not some happy people who works for USM. (I am not from germany, but from the Netherlands) I play payed Playcatan longer then the most of here. (username: sdelixer) And i am on this forum longer than the most here. And my own first posts on this forum where also bad just like yours. On my desktop is still the playcatan shortcut, and like the most of us here, every day i click on it. Just to be sure. But deep in our minds everybody knows.......... Playcatan is never coming back!

    Now, after more then 3 weeks, and 2000 posts this forum is slowly gonna be a very low and very sad. Is that the playcatan comunity whe present?

    Look at all the topics going all about the same. "Whe demand Playcatan back" lol!! And even this topic is already contaminated by the playcatan virus.

    Look at that Roadwolf guy who is banned right now. He was discussing in olmost every topic on this forum. And spitting and complaining and abuse some people. Is he repesenting our comunity?

    My only point is: Whe all know they mess it up. Whe al spent 2000 posts to complaine to them. but right now take it as it is. and wait for them to fix it. I am 100% convinced they will do. And i am 100% convinced they true will listen to us.

    If you can't or not will beleve that? Your better off making your own catan game...

    Greets TheSanderW

    Lets make things better...........


  • @TheSanderW I don't have a problem with launch day issues, what I have an issue with is their lack of response to the hundreds of specific complaints about the new game format (not to mention bugs). AND, the fact that they closed down a perfectly functional site and FORCED us to this obviously not ready for release version.

    Repeated questions about "What can we do to get Play Catan back" have just been ignored. I'm sure you too were raised to understand that it is rude to ignore people (many of them polite) who are talking to you.

    The fact that many long time players of Catan are becoming a 'bit rough around the edges' is perfectly understandable in my book; the developers have lied to us and taken away not just the game but in many instances the community of friends many of us have made.

    In this day and age of cutting edge marketing and super slick product launches this fiasco is something I would have expect in the 1980s.

  • Hah @hellrise, no I am not any kind of plant and I wish that I got to experience PlayCatan because I am sure it would have been amazing.

    @Queen-Ofall I think every one of your suggestions are spot on. I had to look up the Cities and Knights rules because they didn't have the almanac up yet. So far I have had only one game that has glitched and I had to exit out.

    To add to everything that you have mentioned, I would suggest being able to zoom out more so that I can see the whole board at one time. When zoomed out, I can see most of the board, but usually not the whole board. This is annoying because I have to drag the board around to see the rest of the tiles.

  • @TheSanderW said:

    My only point is: Whe all know they mess it up. Whe al spent 2000 posts to complaine to them. but right now take it as it is. and wait for them to fix it. I am 100% convinced they will do. And i am 100% convinced they true will listen to us.

    If you can't or not will beleve that? Your better off making your own catan game...

    They messed it up indeed. Are they going to fix it the way we want them to? No. They want to make one UI for all platforms and keep it that way, completely ignoring the PC gamers. (@Administrator tell me if I am wrong, please)
    Are they going to fix it all and make PC gaming as good as it was in PlayCatan? Are they listening to our please to make a lot of things in a similar way to PlayCatan? I doubt it. So far they have not answered to any post that has the word PlayCatan in it either so I don't even expect an answer anymore.

    Can we really make our own PlayCatan Clone or a completely new game? Not really because we need a license to use the name Catan (This is what finds us the players so we need it). We also need to run the servers so we need money and if we ask the users to give us money for running a "PlayCatan" server, we will get sued.
    Do you see now what hole they have dug us into? We either play their way or GTFO. I don't want to play the way that @Administrator has envisioned for us. I want more speed, more awesome features. What they give us now, is spitting in our faces, as you would put it.

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