Solution: Stuck on rejoin loop

  • Hi fellow Cataners,

    Being stuck in rejoin loop is one of the worst things to happen in this game. This solved my issue:

    • Switch off your internet on your device (Wi-Fi, mobile net, everything).

    • Open the game and try to join a multiplayer game (it won't allow you saying you don't have internet connection)

    • Now, switch your internet back on and create a game immediately

  • This didnt work for me. it pulled me into the loop. can you clear mine?

  • @mpeavy myself as well. I had to logout and play without logging in

  • A.FatThor - that method was great! It worked to fix the Rejoin loop. Thanks for the info!

  • @administrators @Administrator Please, clear session for username LolaOS

  • Hello, I’m stuck in rejoin loop, and nothing works, when i want to play a game igły freezes on searching oponents but the game will not load, Please help.

  • Same here. Stuck on rejoin without possibility to clear error. Please fix!

  • administrators

    @gandalfs @zuzix your session ahs been cleared