Stuck on Rejoin, Rated 1 Star.

  • I am stuck on rejoin like so many others after spending lots of money on the game and various add-ons. In my case, I encountered two bugs that seem to make the game totally unplayable:

    • Step 1 was I somehow ended up in a state where I went to build a city, changed my mind, and moved on with my turn. However the "Select a place to put the city" dialog still remained and I mistakenly later clicked on a settlement and tried to build a city after I had cancelled. I was immediately booted from the game and couldn't rejoin.
    • Step 2 Now, like everyone else, it tries to rejoin me over and over every time I log in and I can't cancel out of it!

    These are alpha-quality bugs in a piece of software, I know I write software for a living. Please fix as soon as possible (otherwise I encourage everyone else to rate this 1 star as well)

  • administrators

    @coogle your session has been cleared. everything should be back to normal

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