Turn Timer - Inactive player timer.

  • Please, oh please, create a Turn Timer and an inactive player kick option if they do not play in 2 or 3 turns. One player should not be able to ruin a game for everyone else by refusing to end their turn. This is needed ASAP!

  • This is in early access phase. They have much more urgent issues to fix first. PC client must be different from mobile and tablet clients for instance. That's a month worth of development at least.

  • It is by far the single biggest problem I have experienced (and I have heard others complaining about) since switching from Playcatan.com to catanuniverse.com. It is a constant problem any time I play the game and absolutely ruins the game play for everyone else. The other minor glitches obviously need to be resolved but on my end I havnt had any other problem that has as much of a negative effect as a single players ability to destroy the game for everyone else involved. I disagree and believe this is something that should have already been addressed before even releasing the early access clients. Playcatan.com shouldnt have been taken down yet seeing how catanuniverse is so poorly developed at this stage. I see where it is going and like the direction, but issues like this are deal breakers as of now. Bring back playcatan until catanuniverse is playable.

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