Paid 500 for game yesterday - What does "The Game" purchase allow me to do?

  • I am able to play multigame with other players with a fixed board. Is this the limit of the 500 coin purchase called "The Game"? Not seeing any evidence of having paid within my Catan account, though the money has been withdrawn from my Paypal account.

  • The board is getting a little boring after many plays. Would like to randomize it.

  • By purchasing the base game you can play unlimited games in multiplayer and single player with random boards in the three base scenarios: "The First Island", "Ore for Wool", and "Harbor Master".

    If you are playing "Free Match" the board doesn't change, but if you play "Auto Match" or "Single Player" the board should be random.

    If you don't have those options, then maybe you bought the gold but didn't buy the game? Look in the store and check your gold count and check the expansions. If you activated the base game it should be outlined in green in the store.

  • Thanks, I appreciate your reply. My gold count is zero and it will not allow me options. Says I must buy the basic game for 500 coins, which I thought I did.

  • Probably best to contact with your account name, day you purchased the gold, etc.

    You can also try tagging an @administrators here or on the Discord server.

    One thing they usually ask you to try is logging out in the game and then logging back in. This often works to refresh the status of any purchases, rewards, etc.

  • Thank you!

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