Can’t play single player?

  • Bought the game and expansions but still can only play single player once every 12 hours? Is this correct or is my game being a butt?

  • On iPhone by the way

  • If you purchased the game and expansions you want to play, you should be able to play single player as often as you want without using suns.

    You can check to make sure the game and expansions are active by clicking on your avatar from the main screen then "Player Profile" then "Expansions" . The active expansions will have the slide window open.

    If your expansions aren't active you can try logging out and back in. That will sometimes force purchase and award items to show up. If that doesn't work you will have to contact or the @administrators here ir on the Discord server.

  • @LemuelB2 thanks! Yeah the slides are open but still requiring suns to play the expansions I bought. Tried logging out and back in and it’s still not letting me play without suns :/

  • Good luck on getting any kind of reply. Reported it on here and sent email to and I haven't got any reply.

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