Player using vile offensive language

  • have just experienced one of the most horrid people on catan
    So offensive I reported it and told them, so the language got more abusive and vile.
    She called me the C word and that is inexcusable on an open game like this

  • In addition to the in-game reporting you can block players like that so you won't ever have to play them again. You can also tag the admin here or email with the player's info. Reporting in-game is supposed to send the game and chat logs, so that is usually the best way.

  • @LemuelB2 thanks for the tips. I have reported a few players during a game but was never really sure if anything actually happens. Some people are really abusive. I don't know why they play the game at all if it winds them up that much.

  • How do you report someone in game? I could not figure it out? I did just email screen shots to support, but I figure there must be an easier way?

  • If you click on a player's avatar during the game there are options to report them and to block them. The options also appear at the end of the game (the caution icon - ! in a triangle). If you report the player in the game, it is supposed to send the game and chat logs as part of the report in addition to the comments you add to the report.

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