Free-, Auto-, Custom-Match: How do they work?

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    What is Free-Match?

    Free-Match is the easiest way to get into a game of Catan. It will allow you to start the Basegame with 2 other users even without creating an account. The board has a standard set-up.

    Please note: Free-Match only includes the Basegame using the standard set up.

    What is Auto-Match?

    In Auto-Match you can select the Games you want to play in greater detail on randomized maps. if you finish the games you will be rewarded XP and ELO points

    Tip: We recommend to use the Auto-Match if you already have an account and unlocked at least one expansion.

    Change the expansions by clicking on the buttons on the bottom of your screen.

    Select the Button “Scenarios” to select which scenario you want to play. You can queue for more than one scenario! The yellow scenarios are the one you are queuing for.

    You can alter the amount of players you want to play with.

    You can also filter possible opponents by activating the checkmark fur guild, friends or Karma.

    Filter by Karma will match you up with other players about the same Karma-Level as you have.

    Filter by Friends will only match you up with friends (Please note that you will have to have at least 2 friends in order to start a game)

    Filter by Guild will let you only match up with members of your own guild

    Please note: All these filters can have an influence on amount of possible opponents and therefore on the waiting time before a match starts.

    What is Custom-Match?

    Here you can determine exactly the scenario you want to play and add special rules (friendly robber, dice mode). You are able to invite your friends and fill the remaining seats with AI.

    You will not be rewarded with ELO points when finishing the game

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