Serious topic about the dice algo???

  • What the heck is going on with the dice algorithm for this game? It’s a serious problem.

    I play the board game all the time. We would throw the game in the garbage if it dealt these constant major upsets/one-sided wins. As if it were cursed or something.

    Is there situational logic built in to the dice roll?
    Is there a handicap to level the playing field?
    Is there a cheat program?
    Did Tim Tebow develop the game for miracle rolls?

  • It’s utterly atrocious. I played a game today and at start I had two settlements on 9. It didn’t roll for 19 tries. 12 came up three times. I quit simply because two players were so far ahead it was ridiculous. This happened to me with 5 last week. I was the benafactor this time but how often it was rolling was soooo wrong.

  • Since they made several updates the Catan app game turned in a trash. I can't accept why i payed to played this trash. I played a game with no 8 rolled (i got print from this tragic game). I just unnistal app gem rigth now cause a i can't spend my time with this bullshit game who dont have dice logical based in a real world. I'm soo angry with this app game, i can't think i payed in dollar this trash, is very expensive to me using my local cash (BRL)

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