Does anyone notice that this forum has very few people who have anything good to say about this online game?

  • Numbers of people using this forum is also dropping rapidly. It is likely due to people being frustrated with money based winning system. You pay you will have success, if you play for free the dice will crush you. I wouldn't mind paying if the game was fair and not rigged. It seems that if you are playing for free you are best to play the AI game in random map mode and use rookie players; not because the play is too good at veteran or master but because the AI computer will crush you with ridiculous dice roles. Yet it is unfortunately boring because the rookie players play foolishly. I am losing interest in this online game. I will likely go back to the board game only. Its a shame the builders of this game refuse to keep money out of this game.

  • I played on the old site and now on this new site for maybe 3 months... The paid version is definitely worth it. They are using a different dice rolling algo on this new site, and admittedly the 7 rolls much more frequently than before. I can't imagine the free games are using a different dice algo, but maybe.

  • It sometimes seems like the dice are favoring a number or player, but people tend to remember poor luck more frequently and vividly than occasions of good luck. I played a RL game last week with actual dice where 1/2 the rolls were 7's and only two 9's were rolled the entire game. The dice have no memory and probability statistics are only accurate predictors for outcomes over large sample sizes - thousands of rolls. For a typical game of 80-100 rolls having a perfect bell shaped distribution is actually highly unlikely.

  • @Paul-Alexander

    This is way out there.
    Do you realize the effort it would take to rig dice algorithms?
    It would cost them way more than would make.

    No I think it’s much more likely that the players experiencing this suffer from a victim mind set.

    The app is great, I have played hours and hours and have experienced the same random as my in person groups.

    Love this game, amazing experience.

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