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    It is still not possible to move your knight to the islans immediatly on a dragon tile when you build a settlement on the cost. According to the rules it should he possible to place a knight directly on a dragontile if a settlement is build on the cost.

  • No, knights can only be built on the main island and only one knight can be moved to the dragon island.

  • @trissie89,

    Surfer_Dude here from the old moderation team on the old site. If @LemuelB2 is correct (not sure if he is just a rando user, but he seems to post a lot) is correct, and I hope he isn't... they have made a lot of wierd rule changes on this newer site. For example, I posted a question to the Oceania and Fog Islands are completely handicapped now because of robber and pirate placement. Not sure if they are using a Mersene Twister algo or not for the dice, but the 7 rolls a ton more now on random dice... cardstack for that matter too.

  • The knights cannot be built directly on the island, but must be moved along a trade route connecting to the island. After arriving the knight is inactive and will need to be activated before it can be moved to a dragon intersection on the next turn. Same rules of movement as for C&K Seafarers scenarios. Moving the knight or fighting a dragon deactivates the knight.


    Rescuing Treasures
    In order to recover treasures you need to get a knight onto the enchanted island. You cannot place a knight directly on the island, it must be built either on the mainland or on your shipping line from the mainland, and then moved to the island. You can only have one knight on the island and that knight must be at least equal to the strength of the dragon protecting the treasure in order to succeed in recovering the treasure. Knights which have reached the enchanted island no longer count towards your strength points in terms of protecting your cities on the mainland.

    Knight Movement and Displacement
    When reaching the island, the knight must first land on the island before it can move to attempt to recover one of the treasures. Thereafter a knight can move up to two spaces within the island. The knights do not require roads in order to move.

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    @LemuelB2 read this!
    This is on the exact same site as you send me

    Building on the Enchanted Island

    You can only build settlements (no cities) and ships (no roads) on the enchanted island. I would only consider spending resources building on the enchanted land if it will produce a strong income of a key resource (ie additional wheat for knight activation, ore or wool for knight upgrade or, less importantly, a resource for which you already hold the port.) As the robber cannot be placed on the island, it would be worthwhile building on a wheat hex, if within easy reach. There is an advantage in building a settlement on the island before you move your knight, as it means your knight will jump straight onto a treasure spot without having to be placed on the coast first.

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    @UncGamer Hi surfer_dude long time no see hope you are allright. I do agree a lot of rule changes i didnt knew about. for example the robber on the 12 in the beginning of the game. Would like to get updated about new rules.

  • @trissie89 Except it says in that section that the knight still has to be moved from the main island to the dragon island, not that you can build a knight directly on the dragon island.

    It says there's an advantage in building a settlement BEFORE MOVING the knight to the dragon island because you will be able to move the knight from the main island directly to a dragon intersection within two spaces of your settlement.

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    @LemuelB2 well that is exactly what i meant

    Cause in CU when i build a knight on the main island and when i settle on the dragon island it wont let me move the knight immediatly on a dragon tile as it should be according to the rules i sended above.

  • @trissie89 Sorry, I thought you were trying to build a knight on the dragon island.

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    @trissie89 from the official rules:

    "If a player has reached an intersection of the Enchanted Island with a ship's line, he may move an activated knight from his home island to that intersection....

    If there is an own settlement on the intersection to which the ship line leads, the knight may be placed on an adjacent free intersection on the coast."

    (Translated by @administrators from the german rules available on

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