Keeps trying to join back a game

  • Hello, me and a friend were playing a cities and knights game (the first island map) and everything was running smoothly until the game froze and never returned again.
    I ve tried everything, closing the game, restarting, reinstalling, deleting cache, but nothing works, everytime I open the app it just sits on "trynig to open..."
    This is very frustrating, can anyone help me? is anyone experiencing the same issue?

  • @ShoshanaP This is a common issue that I am currently facing and others have faced in the past. An administrator needs to clear the faulty game session from our accounts before we will be able to play again. I would recommend reaching out to an administrator on this forum or reaching out directly to for assistance. Sorry I can't be more help.

  • administrators

    @ShoshanaP @NickyFats your sessions have been cleared.

  • 2nd time this happens to me in a week.
    Very frustrating, please clear my game

  • @administrators I am having the same issue may you please clear my session as well?

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