Couldn't add settlements or cities in Cities and Knights

  • HI,

    I'm fairly new to the online version of Cities and knights, but have played the board game a lot. After a few tries, I was finally winning, but when I got to 12 points, all 3 of my settlements disappeared. It wouldn't let me place settlements in those spots or upgrade to cities. It wouldn't let me activate knights either. Its as if I was being completely sabotaged from winning. I let it slide for one round, but I ended up with 21 resources that I couldn't use. The only thing it let me do was add a knight which I didn't need! I gave up knowing I couldn't win a rigged game.

    Is this a known problem?

  • There are occasionally graphics issues which can be cleared by typing /reload in the chat window.

  • @touristth2 This happened to me twice, about a month ago (or maybe 2).
    First time , I reentered, and it was ok.
    The next time this happened, I was not able to fix it, so I left.
    Both times I was close to winning and had many resources.

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