Registering board game into catan universe

  • It says if we have the board game we can register it on catan universe instead of buying the base game.. but I can't figure out how to do that? So I'm unable to get randomized maps and unable to chat... Is anyone able to help with this? How do we register having the base game.

    also does this work for expansions? I have Base game + expansion & seafarers in real life. Not sure how to register any of them, let alone all.

    Thanks so much!

  • If there is a promo code you can enter that in the store, but I have never heard of a promo code unlocking the game or an expansion. They used to give you scrolls for board game codes, but they got rid of the scrolls with version 2.0

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    You cannot register your board game in Catan Universe. The companies selling the board game and we as Catan Universe publishers are separate entities, operating as licensors/licensees. You can think of this a bit like a movie adaptation of a book - just because you own the book, a cinema won't be able to admit you for free to watch the movie adaptation of that book.

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